5 Causes of Itching On Whole Body – Leads to Scratching!!

Sometimes the substance, for example, poison ivy or beauty products, causes an allergic reaction. Food allergies, even cause skin itching. Drug reactions, for example, anti-infection agents, anti-fungal treatments or narcotic pain treatments, can bring about far reaching rashes and itching.

5 Causes of Itching On Whole Body – Leads to Scratching

Furthermore, to calm itching, you have to scratch the part. But, too much of scratching can worsen the skin conditions. Itching skin can influence the quality life. Drawn out itching and scratching may expand the power of the itch, possibly leading to:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Skin injury

Here are the 5 causes of itching on whole body which leads to scratching.

Dry skin

If you don't see a bright red bump or some other emotional change in the bothersome area, dry skin is a reasonable cause. Dry skin for the most part results from old age or natural elements, for example, long-term use of air conditioning and warming, and washing or showering excessively.

Skin conditions and rashes

Many skin conditions itch, including (dermatitis), psoriasis, scabies, lice, chicken pox and hives. The itching as a rule influence particular areas and is accompanied by different signs, for example, red, irritated skin, bumps or blisters.

Interior ailments

Bothersome skin can be a symptom of a hidden ailment. These include liver sickness, kidney failure, thyroid issues, iron deficiency anemia and cancer, including leukemia and lymphoma. The itching normally affects the entire body. The skin may search generally look aside from the over and again scratched areas.

Nerve issue

Conditions that influence the nervous system, for example, various sclerosis, diabetes mellitus, squeezed nerves and shingles (herpes zoster) — can bring about itching.

Allergic reactions and irritation

Chemicals, harsh soaps, wool and different substances can disturb the skin and cause itching. Once in a while the substance, for example, poison ivy or beauty care products, causes an allergic reaction. Food allergies can cause skin to itch.


Reactions to treatments, for example, anti-infection agents, antifungal treatments or narcotic pain treatment, can bring about rashes and itching.


During pregnancy, a few ladies experience irritated skin, particularly on the thighs or abdomen. Likewise, irritated skin conditions, for example, dermatitis, can worsen during pregnancy.

Treat your itching well by visiting a Doctor!

See your doctor or a skin specialist if the itching:

  • Lasts more than two weeks
  • Is serious and distracts you from doing other things
  • Is not allowing you to sleep
  • Comes suddenly and can't be explained easily
  • Affects your entire body

Is accompanied by different signs and symptoms, for example, severe tiredness, weight reduction, changes in bowel habits or urinary frequency, fever, or skin rash.

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