The Insider's Guide to Contagious Skin Disease- Scabies!

Nowadays scabies has become a quite common disease. It can happen to anybody, regardless of their status, age, color, gender, and race. Being an itchy condition of the skin, it is a highly contagious disease which can easily spread from one person to another by means of close contact.

Insider's Guide to Contagious Skin Disease- Scabies

When it comes to scabies, it is often recognized as a contagious and itchy skin condition caused by contamination with parasite microscopic mites. These eight legged tiny mites, namely Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis cannot fly or jump, but yes, it is possible for them to survive off their host. And this seriously increases the chances of the transmission.

Common in overcrowded places!

Due to its very contagious character, scabies is more likely to spread in those places where people can come into contact with each other easily. Simply all the overcrowded places such as nursing homes, kindergartens, schools, orphanages, etc. are at more risk of scabies. As stated earlier that scabies mites can live for up to a week without their human host, they can easily be present on the toilet sheets, chairs, tables, and all other stuff used by an earlier infested person in these places.  Therefore, in order to prevent the spreading of infestation experts people with the condition to avoid entering such premises.

Extra precaution is highly required!

It can be a bed linen, a towel, or the clothing of the patient which can cause infestation to another healthy human body.  Hence, it is must to treat the problem with extra precaution. Make sure that all the personal items of the affected person are properly washed in hot water to avoid any second infestation in the home. Along this, all the people who have recently been in contact with patient diagnosed with scabies must go for also an appropriate medical treatment. Even if they don't experience any clear signs of contamination, treating for the infection is highly recommended.

Symptoms take some time!

The biggest problem with scabies is that it is hard to diagnose. Actually, it has an incubation period of around 1-2 weeks. Hence, most of symptoms occur within or after this period of time. Thus, if you are infested with mites today, the signs of this skin disorder will start appearing after a week or two. As far as the first signs of scabies are concerned after the parasite mites contaminate the skin, it can be anything itching, skin inflammation, or rash.

On-time diagnosis can help!

The scabies mites are microscopic organisms, i.e. they are too small to be visible with naked eye. Hence, their presence on a human host can be difficult to reveal. Secondly, the symptoms generated are unspecific. Thus, these can be easily misleading in the process of diagnosing the skin condition. But if diagnosis is done after the first revealing signs of scabies, you can prevent the problem from spreading all across the body. Doctors can diagnose the problem with ink test or scraping, whatever they feel is more appropriate.

Soon after the diagnosis is done, it is advised to look for a solution which cures the problem from roots. Dr. Scabies can be a good option. It is a homeopathic solution which comes with sulfur and essential oils to treat the infestation. Being a FDA approved product it can be counted for safe usage. Buy it today!

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."