Why scabies won’t cure after taking all precautions and remedies?

Why scabies won’t cure after taking all precautions and remedies?

Scabies is one of the common skin-related diseases and on an average over 300 million people suffer from it throughout the world. Scabies is treatable but often people find it hard to get rid of it completely. A number of home-made cures are available along with specific medical courses. The medical course requires very strict discipline and even takes many weeks to eradicate scabies completely.

As it’s a contagious disease and the mite which causes it, is capable of surviving in outside atmosphere for over 48 hours, it can cling to bedding, clothing, and anything that comes in contact with an infected person. In many cases scabies patients would argue about the validity and efficiency of cures available for scabies. Such disappointed cases try almost every cure but still wonder why there is no rectification in their condition.

Lack of behavior of mites that causes it and lack of awareness regarding onset and offset symptoms of the disease lead to errors in treatment, so first step is to understand scabies, about cause/parasite, symptoms, and treatment schedule.

Scabies, its cause, and symptoms

Scabies is a highly contagious skin condition that is caused by scabies scabie mite. The female mite burrows itself under the epidermis, upper layer of the skin, and lays eggs. It moves under the skin and causes braises. Due to allergic reaction of the skin to the foreign contaminants, the mite, its eggs, and its feces, person experience intense itching and red pimple-like spots appear on the effected part of the body. Most common symptom that suggests a person has got scabies is increase in itching under hot water or heat. If not treated timely with efficient medication course, it can spread to other parts of the body.

Norwegian scabies is the severest form and is equally contagious. It’s also called crusted scabies. In this condition a person develop thick crusts of skin that contains thousands of mites and eggs.

Why it’s harder to kill this parasite

Scabies infection is often mistaken as other skin diseases that resemble it, like dermatitis, syphilis, erythema multiforme, allergic reaction, and other ectoparasites such as lice and fleas. While other skin conditions cure rapidly through a specified medical course, like anti-biotic tablets and anti-bacterial lotions or creams, scabies parasite is harder to kill as it burrows under skin. Lotions and domestic cures such as bleach bath or bath in Neem leaves are ineffective and only kill bacteria present on surface of skin. Some other tries rubbing rashes and braises with alcohol and bleach, which may intensify the itching experience or provide a little relief for a while. This is one reason some people find it difficult to get rid of scabies so easily.

Why scabies takes longer to cure

A prescribed medical course would eliminate the mites, the danger of re-appearance remains due to eggs that might have survived and would hatch very soon. That’s the second reason people find medical treatment ineffective when it’s a matter of repeating the same course for one or two more weeks to ensure that hatched mites are dead too.

Also, the pimple-like patches remains visible for a week or so even after the eggs and mites are completely eradicated. That’s because of the allergic reaction of body to the dead mite and eggs.

Disinfecting entire house and treatment of all family members

As the mite is capable of surviving outside skin for couple of days, it can hide in bedding, cloths, or anything that the infected person uses, which increases the possibility of infecting other members of the family. Therefore, all the family members or whoever is staying in the same home requires full treatment and entire house must be disinfected.

Scabies is completely curable, but due to the contagious nature of the disease and capability of the mite to survive and to find new host make people think that nothing is curing it.

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."